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January 16, 2017

5 Bathroom Cleaning Tips to Make Your Life Easier

While cleaning is not about the top of all people’s list of matters to do it is an essential chore that must be performed. The bathroom is most likely one of the most dreaded rooms to clean. So when it is the right time to do the spring cleaning on your own bathroom and actually get in there and clean from floor to ceiling here are 5 toilet cleaning tips that may make your cleaning easier.

Some items are tougher to clean than many others. It’s advisable to pretreat these regions. For those who have mildew in the tub or shower, spray it down using a mildew removal product or the bleach solution and let that sit at the same time. This can make some of those stubborn spots a little more easy to wash.
Clear the mess out and get rid of any old and expired medicines and toiletries. To make this task more easy simply grab a box and place everything from the medicine cabinet, counter top, and under the sink into it, besides washcloths and towels. Don’t forget the top of the medicine cabinet, as well.
Do not forget the little details.

Clean your mirrors and polish fixtures sink. Wash any soap dishes, toothbrush holders, and containers that wipe them down, or typically sit on the sink area out. Scrub the sink out when you’re finished to prevent water spots, and dry completely.
It’s a good idea to work in the top down, while cleaning shower or the bathtub. Mildew and mould tend to hid in corners and crevices, make sure to pay special attention to those areas. Scrub the tub area out and remember to shine the faucet and handles, as well. Wipe the bath dry when you’re finished.
Do the flooring last. In case you have carpeting in your own bathroom, steam and vacuum nicely clean, if necessary. For hard floors, remove any area rugs and clean them, then sweep or vacuum up any loose dirt. Mop or clean the floor using a product that is safe for that particular kind of floor covering. Pay close awareness of corners and edges, where germs, mold, and mildew might develop.